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The capital city of Graz is located in the green heart of Austria, the federal state of Styria. With approx. 270000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city of the republic. In the centre of the city, the so-called castle hill stands tall, an excursion target loved by those recently in love and families alike. The river Mur slithers its way through the city of Graz, the shores of which are used by sports enthusiasts of all age groups. Graz is home to important companies and a major industrial location. Besides the industry, education is ranked highly in Graz. With approx. 50000 students, four universities, two higher paedagogic schools and two higher vocational schools, Graz is, after Vienna, the second largest university city of Austria. The high number of students reflects in the extensive city nightlife. Beside the so-called university district (Germ. Uni-Viertel), the historic city centre sports a grand number of locations allowing one to enjoy a snug and secluded evening.

Art and culture:

The historic city centre of Graz was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in the year 1999. As the European Capital of Culture of the year 1999, it saw the construction of many modern works of art and buildings. These include the artificial island on the Mur, the Murinsel, anchored in the waters of the river, housing, among others, a café and the art gallery Grazer Kunsthaus.

GrazKunstThe opera of Graz hosts each year in January a grand social event. The opera ball, called the Opernredoute, is the conclusion and highlight of the three-month ball season. Beside this splendid event, the house exhibits various plays throughout the year.

Food and drink:

At the castle mount, at the Aiola Upstairs, one can enjoy a cool drink, a coffee or a light snack, all the while enjoying the breathtaking view this place offers. There are may ways to reach the top: on foot, by lift or using the rack railway.

In the Summer, the restaurant gardens of Graz provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy top cuisine and a nice, cool beer. Typical cuisine of Styria can be found at the Altsteirische Schmankerlstube or the restaurant Glöcklbräu. Wine restaurants are other typical Styrian pastimes. Around Graz, they are a frequent target of weekend excursions. House wine is served here most often, with the company of tasty snacks .

Sports and leisure:

Thanks to the hilly landscape, the surroundings of Graz are perfect for mountain bike excursions or trips on foot, during which, in exchange for one's effort, one receives a grand portion of breathtaking views.

Any one who would include golf among their passions, will be very pleased with what Graz offers. Both in and around the city there are numerous golf courses. Graz also offers a multitude of opportunities for those who enjoy running: there is the promenade of the Mur, the city park or the Ruckerlberg hill, to name but a few.
The Schwarzl leisure centre in the southern part of the city is often the scene of exciting concerts. During the day, one can take a dip in the Schotterteich pond, and who dares, can try a few rounds on the wakeboard.

Night life:

• The already mentioned university district is found in the Elisabethstrasse, and is the core of student night life of Graz. Beside the most various of bars, one can enjoy dancing to salsa music on Tuesday evenings at the Kottulinsky.
• The M1 in the city centre is both a breakfast café and sky bar. This stylish bar has three levels, whereby the third is an open terrace.
• Who enjoys the Irish atmosphere, is certain to stay longer at the Molly Malone or the Flann O'Brien. Irish pubs convince patrons not only through tasty Guinness, but also perfect burgers and curly fries.

Known personality:

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in 1947 in Thal near Graz. He attended school in Graz, to later make an international career as a bodybuilder and actor; in the years 2003-2011 he was the governor of California in the United States. 

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