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Heimsheim is a locality in the Enz district of the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg, in the centre of the region known as the Heckengäu, approx. 15 km south of the district capital of Pforzheim; it belongs to the administrative region of Karlsruhe.

Weissach is also found in the Heckengäu region, however, other than Heimsheim, Weissach belongs to the administrative region of Stuttgart.

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Worth to know / worth to see:

• The Schlegerschloss castle was ages ago used by rulers of Württemberg a store. Only after the citizens and societies of Heimsheim fused to become the Kuratorium Schlegerschloss Heimsheim e. V., three levels of the building were transformed into the seat of the society and its representative rooms.
• The centre of cultural life of Heimsheim is the old tithe store, called the Zehntscheune. It houses the municipal library, which itself organises many events.
• The commune of Weissach is seat to the research and development centre of the automotive manufacturer Porsche. The test track of this plant is also located within Weissach. Porsche lovers definitely know the Weissach axle, which took its name from this small commune.
• The Flacht local museum in Weissach not only showcases typical rural life scenes, but also specific aspects of local history and of contemporary society, such as i. e. the industry and migrations.


Food and drink:

• The Hirsch Heimsheim hotel/guest house
Typical Swabian specialities in a family-run hotel, at the heart of this interesting region.
• The Waldhorn Heimsheim restaurant The Waldhorn restaurant serves good middle-class cuisine with mediterranean influence
• Ristorante Pizzeria "Il Giardino" in Heimsheim


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Urheber: Werner U/Wikipedia (Originaldatei)
Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

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