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Katowice is the capital of Poland's Silesia (the Silesian voivodeship). This city, located approx. 70 km northwest of Kraków, attracts not only for reasons of economy and the unique modernist architecture; it is always worth a visit for cultural reasons. At 310,000 inhabitants, Katowice is the largest city of Silesia. This university city, with its historic buildings and noteworthy, large parks, is a veritable tourist magnet. Underscored should be primarily the successful fusion of minimalist modernist architecture, and construction styles, on which history, the economy and Christianity imparted their impacts, as can be seen primarily in the historic city centre. Old brick settlements date back to the period of domination of heavy industry, and are being brought to new life with grand emotions. Colossal monuments and broad alleys constitute, in addition, witnesses of a communist past. A ride through the city is similar to an incomplete journey through time, spanning various periods. Similarly, the city's night life and cultural offer is equally rich. There exist numerous student pubs, and bars and cafés make the working day more palatable, inviting one to relax. This festival city is alive to the beat of the numerous open-air events organized for the young and old, offering the possibility of visiting many interesting exhibits and cultural events.

However, even if one would wish to visit the city without a particular reason, Katowice is a true undiscovered gem. For this reason, the team of the Katowice Kämmerer Group office had compiled a list of must-see locations:


Art, culture and history:

• Nikliszowiec, a brick settlement at the city gates, recently awarded the title of 'Moniment of history', a visit to which can be bought as a weekend attraction in Katowice.
• The Silesian museum
• The Jewish cemetery
• The library
• The Silesian theatre
• The Christ the King Cathedral
• The Jerzy Ziętek roundabout with the Spodek event hall
• The building of the Silesian Parliament
• The Church of St. Mary

Katowice6Food and drink:

The breadth of gastronomic and culinary specialities is as uncommon is it is rich. In this regard, individual discovery is the best method to explore the offer at hand. For those who only have limited time, we recommends the following locations:

• The Monopol Hotel: This stylish hotel is located in the city centre. The picturesque building hides a wonderful atmosphere and rich offer
• The Felicidad restaurant: A small, yet perfect restaurant, offering a wide variety of wines and dishes. Address: Jana III. Sobieskiego 10. 
• The Hipnoza Jazz Club: Wonderful music in the company of good, fairly priced cuisine in a loose atmosphere. Address: Sejmu Śląskiego 2.

Further information on the history of the city, travel tips and leisure may be found at

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